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I found Swiss Technologies many years ago after dealing with constant on time delivery and quality issues with my previous supplier.  One of the best business decisions I made.  Swiss Technologies works with me to keep blanket PO quantities on hand for parts that my customers ask for me to keep on the shelf.  And hold true to purchase order due dates so I can keep my customers happy as well.   I truly value having a supplier that has the same business goals as myself.  Great people to work with!  Highly recommended!

- Todd Gross, Magnum Molding, Inc.

Swiss Technologies Inc has supplied Hurst Tool & Stamping with parts and services for over 9 years, that in itself, says a lot about their company.  When you have the history and level of confidence we have with the team at Swiss Tech, who can supply your needs in an efficient and timely manner, that means everything in a production schedule.  Thank you!

- Sherri Dover, Hurst Tool & Stamping

Swiss Tech has been supplying our company with products for over 17 years. Our products have high tolerances which means we must use quality materials to maintain those standards. It is not often you find a supplier who continually meets those standards and turnaround times. They handle each order with personal attention and professionalism.

- Pam Fisher, Safe Tech, Inc.

The Cyber Shop found Swiss Technologies in the fall of 2013. We are the world’s largest supplier of RS Guitar Replica Parts and Assemblies for the iconic RS (Red Special) guitar hand-built by Brian May (lead guitarist for Queen) and his Dad. Needless to say, these are parts you just go and buy off the shelf.

 We sent out RFQ’s to perhaps 3-5 shops around the middle-Tennessee/ southern-Kentucky area. Swiss Technologies not only wiped the floor with the other quotes we received but their lead-time was very reasonable. Obviously, we awarded the job package to Swiss Technologies.

When we received our parts, almost two-weeks before the quoted lead-time, not only were they machined to the exact dimensions we required but they were packaged beautifully, were completely de-burred, and you could tell they had been well cleaned. Another thing I might add during the course of their work I was notified they had a suggestion that could save me some money…This suggestion saved me over $600.00!!!
The Cyber Shop has used Swiss Technologies ever since and we truly feel we would not be the large international company we are now if not for Swiss technologies.
- Ron Smith, The Cyber Shop